Actors often ask me when is the best time to look for an agent? I always say, anytime except the holidays when agents are usually not in the office. An agent’s roster can experience fluctuations (actors leaving the agency) daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. We don’t know exactly when what actors and their type are coming and going, so you simply have to always be on the lookout for an agent.

But, there is a time of the year when the odds of signing with a new agent may be more in your favor than any other time. The end and start of the year! This is the time when some agents “clean house.” They purge from their roster those actors that unfortunately, get auditions, but don’t produce enough callbacks due to their lack of on-camera skills. Agents make money when the actor makes money. So, if you are not producing at least four callbacks out of every 10 castings (average ratio of audition to callbacks to bookings based on agents interviewed), the actor eventually gets dumped, or stops hearing from their agent (which is worse because you think you have an agent but you have really lost them and did not get the memo).

Some actors get dumped for the most foolish of reasons. They get auditions and won’t go on them! Yes! 20 to 30 percent of actors actually blow off their auditions. They overuse the excuse of, “I’ve had a family emergency and won’t be able to make it.” Agents have occasionally expressed on their social media accounts and welcome packets that any actor who misses auditions, will have their contracts terminated. These are top, highly respected agents that meet and sign “hobbyist” actors that are seeking castings only when it’s convenient for their schedule. My actors always hear me say, “Dreams are usually never convenient. You have to make room for them.”

Therefore if you don’t want to get dumped by your agent, never skip your castings and always book out when you are not available, which is another way to lose jobs – and your agent!


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