Snapchat’s photo-sharing platform with its ten-second shot restriction, amusing filters, editing features, and geotags are popular among kids and adults alike. But the trendy app can also be quite a resource for actors. Whether actors utilize Snapchat to promote their personal brand or use it to create short movies, the possibilities are endless.

Promoting Your Personal Brand

Promoting yourself can include snapping humorous videos, selfies, behind-the-scenes footage, and glimpses of your personal life. Here are some celebrity actors Snapchat who have open-to-the-public accounts to make sure they stay on the minds of their fans.

Nick Jonas (jicknonas)

One of the Jonas Brothers, Nick is known for both his singing as well as his acting. He starred in the Disney Channel’s Camp Rock, had a recurring role in Fox’s Scream Queens, and is cast with Dwayne Johnson in Jumanji to be released later this year. Nick often snaps while casually roaming about Hollywood. In this one, he simply gives his fans a quick glimpse of his New Year’s vacation snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain.

Shay Mitchell (officialshaym)

Shay Mitchell snaps often. Her content includes adventures on the Pretty Little Liars set, her mega workout routines, and moments with family and friends galore. In this snap, she documents her grief while leaving her beloved Pretty Little Liars cast and crew on their final day of shooting. But not to worry; Shay also has snapped about the new movie she stars in, Cadaver, in which she plays an ex-cop who works the graveyard shift at the morgue.

Certainly, not all actors’ careers are quite at the level of Jonas and Mitchell, but snapping about current or upcoming roles, or sharing anything that seems unique or interesting is made easy via the Snapchat platform. And it’s a great way to keep yourself on the radar of those who matter in your career.

Creating Short Movies

Originally, Snapchat provided a platform in which users were unable to go back and edit sequences. But in July of last year, it added a feature called “Memories” which works like a holding bin for photos and videos that can be added to a Snapchat story later on. This affords more editing power for the user. However, before Memories was added, the Tribeca Film Festival partnered up with Samsung Electronics America to invite Snapchat filmmakers to screen their movies at their festival. Entries had to be shot exclusively on the app, and could not exceed 200 seconds. So, with the 10-second shot restriction, and the inability to edit their shots or sequences, the ten winning filmmakers in the festival demonstrated how such tight restrictions could produce imaginative works. Here are two of the winners.

The Secret Stash

No Pencils

The top-ten Snapchat movies at Tribeca were described as uniquely intimate and having serious cinematic value. And now since Snapchat added the Memories feature with more editing control, filmmakers have a more pliable medium with which to work. And there’s really no limit as to how long a Snapchat movie can run. In fact, Indigenous Media has already released a feature-length film entitled Sickhouse using the app, and released it via Snapchat and later on Vimeo. While this kind of filming is not for everyone, for those low on technical or financial resources, it has potential.