Actors who want to regard the auditioning room as a place that brings out the best in themselves as opposed to a “necessary evil” in the casting process will want to strongly consider attending Craig Wallace’s classes to learn The Wallace Audition Technique. Craig’s clear, wise, knowledgeable, and caring voice consistently shines through whether you hear him speak or read his written word. He created the technique 17 years ago to give actors the skills and confidence to audition at their highest level in pursuit of television and film work.

Wallace classes are intimate, instructing small groups of eight or nine students. A large emphasis is placed on experiential learning whereas verbal instruction takes about 20-percent of class time.

“In a TV or film audition [casting professionals] don’t want to see a character; they want to see ‘you,'” Wallace says. “They want to see the particular set of possibilities that you, and only you, have to offer. So my technique gives you a way to go inside of yourself, to discover, and then to access these specific qualities that have the strongest resonance for any role that you’re auditioning for.”

Craig believes a severely under-taught, if not ignored, portion of acting instruction is how actors present themselves in the room. For this reason, he specifically covers the subject matter of how to run a room. “You have to be a strong presence in the room. You have to give the people in there the confidence to hire you.” After all, he believes an actor’s compelling presence determines 50-percent of the reason he or she lands a role.

Classes include Fundamentals to learn strategies to discover and cultivate your unique qualities; Master classes for a more deep and highly personalized approach to auditioning; and Casting Session classes which create a “real” casting environment accompanied with in-depth playback analysis. In addition, Craig offers by-appointment private coaching classes as well as career consultations to help actors efficiently and effectively achieve their short- and long-term goals.

You might recognize Craig Wallace by his many insightful online articles discussing a wide array of topics pertaining to auditioning. He also authored a highly reviewed book entitled The Best of You–Winning Auditions Your Way. Wallace drew his knowledge from many years of leadership experience with various top entertainment companies, specifically pertaining to talent and script development.

Here are some reviews from students who completed coursework with The Wallace Audition Technique:

“Craig is an amazing teacher. You can tell he genuinely cares about the students which I feel like is really rare. You’re not just a number. He actually cares about you as a person and an actor.”

“I think because he’s such a beautiful person, and teaches in such a beautiful, personal, specific way that the people that are attracted to classes are really lovely, genuine people.”

“[The classes have] a small, intimate vibe, and very safe and very comforting.”

“You feel like you walk away with a lot every time.”

Interested actors can learn more about his classes on The Wallace Audition Technique website.