It’s Casting Frontier’s goal to empower actors’ careers by connecting talent to casting professionals in the pursuit of commercial jobs. And thanks to Casting Frontier’s innovative talent casting software which launched in 2006, actors no longer need to print endless stacks of paper headshots and resumes to do so. Instead, now actors regularly create online profiles that look fantastic, are capable of assembling multimedia content with ease, and streamline every aspect of the casting process whether you’re an actor, casting director, agent, camera operator, or commercial executive. Creating a Casting Frontier profile conveniently from home is how it all starts. Once it’s created, all the information on your profile is immediately accessible to the people who can benefit your career–especially casting directors looking to book talent for their jobs. And when you’re called in for an audition, the clients specific to any given job–which can include directors, producers, and commercial executives–will likewise be able to readily view both your actor profile as well as your audition. In other words, Casting Frontier’s talent casting software is a valuable tool for any aspiring or veteran commercial actor in their quest for booking jobs.

Here are the nuts and bolts of Casting Frontier talent profiles: an up-to-date actor resume and a quality headshot.


With the online resume, talent can exhibit projects in which they’ve participated, highlight their unique skill set, and list their specific training and education. Casting directors can get to know a lot about an actor’s distinct path from a resume. You never know what might connect you to a role or attract the eye of a casting director. Perhaps you have experience playing a similar role, or maybe you’ve worked with someone the casting director knows. Also of importance, they regularly check up on resumes to see how performers are progressing. As a resume grows, casting directors can see how serious an actor is about his or her career. This is why it’s so important to continually update new skills, training, and experience. After all, although some rare individuals do get discovered early on, it’s most common for actors to actually build an acting career.


Long touted as an actor’s calling card, quality headshots are vital for an actor to make a great first impression while emphasizing his or her natural authenticity. It’s important the picture accurately reflect the way you will look when you walk through the audition room doors; that is to say, avoid over-glamorizing your look; instead, headshots should look like you on a good day. A variety of photos should communicate the various roles you can realistically portray. As far as poses are concerned, some experts recommend only moving in ways that you would while conversing with another person. Ultimately, actors know headshots are working for them if they get them into the audition room. Keep in mind, if no photo is posted, then that actor is essentially advertising a lack of professionalism and dedication to the casting directors. In the fast-paced and competitive world of acting, making a casting director have to search you out is not a wise move. Likewise, posting a sub-par headshot will not do an actor any favors when audition invitations are sent out. Actors who maintain their profiles with current, professional headshots demonstrate respect for industry standards, and a commitment to their career.


But the best thing talent can do with a Casting Frontier membership is to upgrade membership services. Premium or Premium Plus memberships allow actors to add more material to give their representation everything they’ve got to book the next job. Specifically, Premium profiles allow actors to post five headshots, provide a link to a website, as well as allow actors to post a voice reel. Premium Plus profiles allow actors to post a whopping 50 headshots as well as a digital video reel, plus a link to a website and voice reel. Both kinds of premium memberships give actors unlimited headshot changes in addition to unlimited direct submissions. This is a remarkable deal which makes Casting Frontier’s talent casting software stand out in the industry as a true value.