Alexia Robinson is known for her role as Tiffany in Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger, performing in The Nutty Professor, as well as her many television roles like the savvy attorney Alex Perez in The Young and the Restless. But, Alexia is also a producer, director, and world renowned acting coach who operates the Alexia Robinson Acting Studio in North Hollywood. Her classes specialize in scene study training for both TV and film work for adults, teens, and kids alike. She’s trained thousands of actors and has over 15 years industry experience. She also has a division of coaching called which features coaching, acting classes, and mentoring via the web.

In this clip, Alexia shares Seven Power Principles to give us a glimpse of her online acting classes. She starts with the power tip of humility, insisting this virtue is a “sign of strength” as well as being attractive to others. Secondly, she advises actors to avoid comparing themselves to others. Rather, she asserts the importance of staying “in your own lane and knowing your time will come,” and adding actors should focus on what they do have control over–that is, their training. A third power principle is to be respectful to the casting directors, producers, directors who help you book jobs by coming to the set “prompt and prepared,” being courteous to everyone on set, and being receptive to direction. Next, she encourages actors to be persistent despite times of discouragement. Citing an example in her life when she was on the brink of giving up, she describes how her manager urged her go on one more audition before she called it quits. Good thing Alexia listened because she says, “That one audition was ‘General Hospital.’ I started getting films, I got television shows, and series regular roles.” Power principle number five is discipline; she stands firm that excellent acting requires proper studying, and so it’s critical for actors to take control of their time management skills. Next,  Alexia says the principle of patience allows an actor the needed time and nurturing it takes to “grow” a career. And lastly, she insists faith is essential for actors in their quest for the career they want. “So if you want to win an Academy Award, you have to believe that you’re going to be walking on that stage, see yourself walking on that stage, and accepting your Academy Award.”

Alexia emphasizes that this online class is not only beneficial for actors to increase their chances of booking jobs, but are helpful life lessons for everyone regardless of career choice.