Accomplished actors have managed to accumulate enormous amounts of information pertaining to the craft over the course of their respective careers. Through their training, via performing in various venues, and by means of working with other major talents they build the well-honed skills for which we honor and appreciate them. So, when these thespians are asked to share one bit of sage advice with aspiring actors, you can bet it’s something that they feel has been pivotal to their own careers. Here are some quick tips from five leading men who hope to inform the careers of up-and-coming actors.

Robert De Niro: “It’s simpler than you think. And it’s very hard for actors…where you [feel like you] have to do more, or do something; [but,] you don’t have to do anything, nothing, and you’re better off.”

Philip Seymour Hoffman: “Act as well as you can.”

Harrison Ford: “Never be caught with the idea that you can imitate someone else’s success.”

Christopher Plummer: “Always go back to the theater, wherever you can learn your craft.”

Pierce Brosnan: “Actors have always gone out and had a great time; it’s part of being an actor. It’s part of finding yourself….But now, you have so many people, they want to just zero in and just pick you apart. So you have to be so careful as a young man or woman out there–how you party, who you hang out with, how you do it because they’ll just nail you….”

What’s the best acting advice anyone has ever given you?