A rather bizarre and indeed hair-raising story emerged this week just in time for Halloween. A commercial casting session for an unnamed Halloween product was held at Hollywood Forever Cemetery it appears to “lend an air of authenticity” to the proceedings. When the actors arrived for the audition, they were told to put on random Halloween costumes including blood-stained clothing, hockey and zombie masks, boogie-man attire, wolf man heads, and the like. Amidst the blazing sun, the talent was instructed to get into character. But the auditions were repeatedly postponed due to technical difficulties. Finally, before the actual auditions got under way, word spread through the ranks that the commercial itself was to be officially bagged due to financing issues, and the auditions were being canceled. Many of the participants had taken off work, all had fought through midday traffic, and had to go to considerable lengths to find available parking; so, they were understandably angry about the unfortunate turn of events.

Amazingly, when the producers announced that the commercial had in fact been pulled and the auditions were being canceled, a veritable riot broke out. The actors, in full costume, began attacking the crew. Apparently, the actors were effectively in character, were inspired by the violence of their costumes, and filled with the blood lust of a missed audition. Nearby grieving family members of the deceased looked on in horror! Surprisingly, the actors started attacking the innocent folks who were merely paying respects to the deceased. And suddenly–to everyone’s horror–gravestones started shifting, and the undead began slowly rising from their graves–some of which were former actors likewise enraged about the canceled auditions as well. They began limping purposefully toward shocked citizens and passersby. And, as if that wasn’t enough, a murder of crows descended upon the graveyard cawing violently and pecking away at the horrified crowd.

The scene had turned into something straight out of a horror movie, but all was made right when a producer stepped forward and loudly announced that funding had been approved and the commercial had just been reinstated; he went on to declare that the auditions would proceed as planned! The actors all admonished the undead to return to their final resting places as the thespians had to prepare for their auditions and didn’t have time to be distracted by actual zombies, demons, and ghosts–or crows, for that matter.

Afterwards, the commercial producers were stunned yet delighted in the level of commitment of the actors, and most of the actors were thrilled with their auditions. But some said the commotion upset their concentration. One actress who didn’t receive a callback admitted, “It went okay, but I had trouble finding my center after the zombies came out of their graves. I know they were trying to help, but it kind of threw me off.”

Happy Halloween!