casting-frontier-actor-support-commercial-auditions.jpgFrom the inception of the the company, Casting Frontier has been committed to creating a simple, user-friendly experience for actors and casting professionals alike all the while securing its place as the number-one innovator of digital casting tools. Whether you consider yourself tech-savvy or if this whole computer thing strikes you as intimidating, Casting Frontier will empower you to easily create and consistently manage an actor profile. Key to our vision is for actors to make the most of their online profiles from the comfort of their own homes. So rest assured, if you have access to a computer, then setting up and taking charge of your Casting Frontier profile is a very doable task.

CF’s Support Tutorials, located on their Support page, are an excellent way to find quick answers to many questions you may have. Featured videos include how to: Modify your profile, attach your actor reel, manage your headshots, add a link to a website, print your talent ID, upgrade your profile, confirm or cancel an audition, and download sides. With a little such help from Casting Frontier, your online profile will allow you to present your image, abilities, and experience in a clean, professional manner as well as enable you to handle acting business both conveniently and efficiently.

Additionally, for those of you with premium accounts and like the convenience of apps, Casting Frontier has developed Actor on the Go for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This helpful app helps you to stay connected to your acting career anywhere at anytime. Features include the ability to submit your profile for roles, confirm or cancel audition times, and view the CF Public Submissions Board directly from your mobile device. You can choose between headshots, and create personalized notes to attach to each submission. Also, Actor on the Go allows you to download sides, print your ID barcode, and email your profile.

In support of actors, Casting Frontier keeps the costs of online casting services affordable. Knowing how important it is for actors to maintain updated headshots, reels, skills, and resumes in pursuit of their commercial casting ambitions, we promote unlimited Public Submissions connecting you to current jobs, and the ability to make unlimited changes to your profile with premium memberships. It is our goal to help you stand out as a pro to those casting professionals who are searching for talent on a daily basis. Hope to see you on TV soon!