what-casting-directors-are-looking-for.jpg“What do casting directors want to see on an actor’s Casting Frontier profile?” This is an excellent question because the powers that be are always asking to see more information within a profile. It’s their job to be knowledgeable about the ever-changing, always-evolving talent pool, and they can only know what actors share with them. Here are some essentials that casting directors specifically seek:


1. Headshots

Up-to-date headshots are always the number-one resource that casting directors request. With new haircuts and new looks, talent is constantly changing–and so are the needs of their clients. This is the primary reason why Casting Frontier offers the Premium Profile membership: so talent can always update photos, including their main headshot, 24/7 with no additional fees.

2. Actor Reel

The video reel is highly important as well. Casting directors want to see what type you are from the very beginning of the job. Roles are being rewritten, and new parts are created every day. That means casting can happen at the speed of light! Casting directors want to find out how you look, move, and sound on camera before bringing you in for an audition. Beyond headshots, this gives them a more thorough idea if you are suited for the part, and helps them to bring you in for the appropriate roles, which essentially saves everyone a lot of time, inconvenience, not to mention money.

3. Special Skills

The Special Skills section of an actor’s profile is a category all by itself. Actors may not realize that casting directors can do a search on one aspect of the talent pool alone. Especially in the commercial and print world, it can be just that one specific quality or skill that clients are looking for to promote their product or service. Keep in mind, the level of that skill does not always need to be advanced; sometimes it’s the intermediate- or beginner-level skill that is sought after.

4. Resume

Keeping a resume filled and current should not be overlooked. Casting directors are looking, and indeed they want to know what you’ve been up to in recent days. What projects you have worked on, who you study with, any accolades and awards earned, or whatever is specific to your unique journey is something that will be considered when casting decisions are made.

Ultimately, actors who are serious about their profession (and that would be you) should give their agent, manager, and casting professionals everything needed to book the job. Keep your eyes on the prize; you’re in the business to get as many acting roles as humanly possible! Doing the preparatory work is a huge part of finding yourself on set.