Are you convinced your child would be perfect for commercials? Is your little one begging you to bring him or her out on auditions? Well, if you have the resources to take your aspiring youngster out on commercial auditions and the ensuing shoots, there’s a good chance your child could achieve some level of success.

Not only are kids brimming with charm, they have a natural ability to imagine, pretend, and play … key ingredients for a well-crafted and successful actor. Commercials offer fruitful opportunities for children of all shapes and sizes; kids who have a particular character look or who are particularly charismatic; kids who are naturally funny, or are simply attractive and appealing. Whether you’re interested in the exposure that commercials can bring, or commercials in and of themselves, they are a great source of work, and loaded with career potential. Consider the scores of famous actors who started off as kids in commercials: Leonardo DiCaprio, Dakota Fanning, Lindsay Lohan, Keanu Reeves, Jodie Foster, Christian Bale, and Elijah Wood to name just a few. These celebrated actors represent just the tip of the iceberg regarding how many great acting careers were forged through televised advertisements.

Television is a ubiquitous medium, and auditions for kids remain steady and plentiful. Casting Frontier can help your child break into commercials by making him or her immediately within the reach of busy casting directors and professionals. Casting Frontier is an A-Z casting service that proudly serves actors, agents, and casting directors as well as their clients. The Frontier empowers talent with comprehensive digital profiles that will make your child stand out for all the right reasons–and be accessible to casting directors by a mere click of a button. Casting Frontier has well-established roots in Los Angeles, and is growing fast in NYC with an increasing number of casting directors using our robust database and services. And with free basic profiles, why wouldn’t every actor across America get a Casting Frontier profile?

If you’re convinced your child has that “It” factor, getting him or her a Casting Frontier profile is the first step you can take to insure their success.