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If you’re an actor living in the New York metropolitan area, you’ll be hearing more and more about Casting Frontier actor profiles. When you go to audition, the casting assistant may ask you for your Casting Frontier barcode, and that means there’s no need to bring paper headshots, a resume, or fill out a size card. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as the value a CF profile provides to actors. Casting Frontier is a comprehensive online casting service that has well-established roots in Los Angeles as well as a growing number of states across the U.S. of A. And with its tremendous assortment of talent, Casting Frontier’s New York market is growing fast!

new-york-auditions.jpgWhether you’re an actor, or indeed any kind of performer, i.e., musician, acrobat, dancer, stand-up comic, athlete, etc., joining the voluminous Casting Frontier actor database is a quick and easy way to empower your career. By creating an online profile, your talent resume, headshot, and detailed list of specific skills are immediately accessible to prominent casting directors who are looking to book real jobs. You can also submit yourself directly for roles using the Public Submissions Board.

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