Acting opportunities, whether you’re auditioning or you’ve booked a role, most often require a team of people and considerable budgets in order to present themselves. This reality translates to various periods of downtime for actors between auditions and projects. Many actors may find themselves waiting around to receive a phone call from their agent or manager, and feeling like they have little to no control over what happens next in their careers. Knowing that you indeed may be called in for an audition at any given moment–and need to rise boldly to the occasion–actors are challenged to present themselves in a confident manner when perhaps they are feeling anything but.

In a recent interview with Daily Actor, up-and-coming leading man Chris Lowell, who stars in the new independent film Brightest Star with Allison Janney and Clark Gregg, was asked about his advice to actors. Chris expressed that the most challenging part about being an actor is, “Acting is one of the few art forms that you have no control over in terms of getting a job. Like, I can’t make an audition come to me.” Instead of just sitting around and waiting for an audition to come his way, he chooses to empower his career in any number of ways during these times with activities such as writing, pursuing photography, and taking classes. “I think staying busy is really crucial. The longer, the sort of more lethargic you get, the more you kind of wait for the phone to ring. The more important each audition becomes, the more pressure you end up putting on yourself, and I think that does just a lot more bad than good.” He finds that keeping busy while pursuing other creative outlets is key to feeling he’s progressing as an artist even when he is unable to work as an actor on any given day. “I think it helps you kind of get perspective and balance on the world,” Lowell said.

So, fine actor, what do you do between auditions to keep your spirits up? How do you maintain your momentum and sense of control when you are waiting for the next opportunity to come your way? Please share!