When most actors talk about what draws them to the field of acting, the response usually refers to the artistic passion they feel toward the craft with an underlying sense of purpose. To delve into their characters like a detective pursues a criminal, an actor seeks to transform a role into a legendary performance. What often is not cited as inspiration for their career is the deep desire to show up on time, wait in lobbies practicing lines, compiling a digital body of work, and keeping updated information on their online casting service account. But maintaining a stronghold on the business end of acting is what can make all the difference in an actor’s overall success.

47a2dc30b3127cce9854e279cae100000035108CctXLdq2ac-Version-3Take two spirited actresses with identical looks, experience, and skills who both recently learned to play intermediate guitar and to snowboard. The first doesn’t remember to keep her special skills updated on her online profile while the second one is sure to list them straight away. They both sport a fresh new hair style, but the first one figures her old headshot is good enough whereas the second gets new photos with various looks to post on her upgraded profile. The first one has just a portion of her resume completed, and opts to keep a basic online account because it’s a hassle to create a reel. She figures her auditions are what’s most important in the end. The second continually updates her resume, and opts for a premium account because she’s excited to showcase the reel featuring her latest roles. Now, if you were a casting director, which actress would strike you as more professional? Who would you count on to appear in person as they do in their headshots? Whose resume and special skills reflects professional growth? Which strikes you as more willing to put in the necessary work of a professional actress? If casting directors don’t know what a gem you are, who’s to blame?

How long has it been since you’ve updated your digital information online? Is your resume current? Are your special skills accurately detailed? Do your headshots reflect your newest look? Is your reel up to date? Have you made the most of your voice sample?

Give yourself all the credit you deserve! Whatever level of work you’ve put into the pursuit of acting, let it work on your behalf. Log into your Casting Frontier profile and get started right away!