About Casting Frontier

Top casting directors browse Casting Frontier’s voluminous actor database every day looking for specific talent to meet the demands of their clients. Casting Frontier allows casting directors to find the talent they are looking for as they specialize in unprecedented on-demand digital scheduling and posting tools. The company’s impressive digital services streamline the entire workflow for actors, casting directors, and agents alike with unmatched technology. After researching online actor services, talent will quickly discover that Casting Frontier gives actors the most bang for their buck.

Here are some reasons for all talent in the entertainment industry to get a Casting Frontier profile:

1. Casting Frontier’s Public Submission Board allows actors to submit themselves on jobs that their agent or manager might not submit them on.

2. Casting Frontier’s Premium Profile allows actors, agents and managers to make unlimited changes within a talent’s account. This would include multiple headshots, a MP3 voice sample, a link to a website, and photo changes.

3Premium Profile Plus, which is Casting Frontier’s biggest membership package, includes all the services of a premium profile, in addition to allowing up to 50 photos which can be changed at anytime for no extra cost, as well as a 150 MB video reel.

4. Talent has the ability to log into their profiles and update their representation instantly. And representation has access to their profiles instantaneously unlike other systems that go through a waiting process.

5. Talent can log into their profile and share a link with anyone. Let’s say another casting director, or even an agent, asks to see the talent’s resume. Well, once logged in, an actor can simply email his or her entire profile in a matter of seconds to anyone.

6. Book outs and conflicts are also amazing on the actor side for their representation. The ability to add this information, and have it come up during a submission under an actor’s profile is a huge deal. This allows for fewer mistakes by recognizing a booking conflict before the actor is sent to an audition. Actors going in for projects for which they already have a conflict is more than an inconvenience. Making a trek across town to an audition, and possibly getting a callback, just to find out that you cannot accept the booking is a waste of precious time–not to mention a huge disappointment. Casting Frontier does everything it can to protect talent and give representation the tools they need to advocate for their clients.

7Actor on the Go is an application that actors can download to a smart phone or iPad for immediate access to their account. Actors can now confirm, cancel, or request a time frame. Additionally, they can download sides, and update their profiles with the click of a button.

And there are plenty more services that you can check out at castingfrontier.com. Actors receive excellent value with their Casting Frontier profiles by any standard. And with free basic profiles, why wouldn’t every actor across America get a Casting Frontier profile?