new-year's-resolution-actor.jpgFind a way to make your acting dreams come true in 2014! Do what you need to do to be the best you can be. That might include making healthier choices with your diet and work out routine, or refining your acting chops through acting classes and workshops, or getting a better grasp on the business end of the entertainment industry. But whatever your specific goals are for this year, you will most certainly benefit by upgrading your Casting Frontier basic profile. Why?

A Casting Frontier premium profile is more valuable now than ever!

Casting Frontier’s digital tools are continually upping the ante with innovative and comprehensive services to benefit casting directors, agents, and actors alike. As a result, a growing number of casting directors are using Casting Frontier to streamline all their casting needs. And as companies are working harder to keep customers purchasing their products, advertising executives and producers are demanding that CF be used for their jobs. They trust the efficiency, flexibility, and reliability of CF’s services to empower their workflow. And it is through your CF profile that they get to know you, see how you are growing as an actor, and learn what you’ve been up to in recent months.

So make sure your profile is complete, up to date, and is brimming with your strengths and your authenticity. You very well might be just the person they’re looking for at this moment!

During the month of January, Casting Frontier is offering up to a 35% discount for first-time upgrades when you choose a 24-month term.  

By upgrading to a premium or premium-plus profile, you will have more digital tools to present what makes you unique and of value to those who can make a difference in your career. So take advantage of the savings as this offer expires when January is over.

Wishing you a Happy, Productive, Successful New Year with many auditions, and many callbacks!