sandra-bullock-gravity-superstarIf early numbers and reviews are any indication, the Sandra Bullock-starring outer space drama, Gravity looks to be a box office behemoth, if not an instant classic. Bullock plays a lonely astronaut adrift in an interstellar ocean trying to navigate an injured space station while wrestling with her own demons. Don’t worry, Spoiler Watchers! I’m not giving away anything you can’t glean from the disquieting trailer. Suffice it to say, the sci-fi thriller received a 98% positive rating on the movie review aggregate website, Rotten Tomatoes, and Bullock’s performance is already being hailed as Oscar-worthy. But this kind of success is nothing new for the diminutive, self-effacing star; Sandra is one of the highest paid actresses in the game. And for good reason! She is one of the highest grossing actresses in history. One thing you have to say about the gravity-defying star: the kid’s a winner!

The reason she finds herself in such an enviable position is because Sandra Bullock has done a lot of things right. A young actor–not to mention an aging one–would be wise to emulate some of her traits and techniques. Good-natured Bullock has the uncanny knack of staying out of trouble and flying under the radar, yet at the same time she’s still considered provocative and exciting. She accepted a Razzie for All About Steve with humor and remarkable grace, and followed it up less than 24 hours later by accepting a Best Actress Oscar for The Blind Side. And consider the fact that she waltzed through her tabloid divorce with motorcycle-craftsman and serial philanderer, Jesse James without a hitch! Consistently, Sandra manages the Cirque du Soleil-like balance of being down-to-earth and at the same time shining radiantly like a superstar as very few actresses in the field are able to do. She goes from goofball comedies in the manner of the Heat and Miss Congeniality to serious fare such as Crash and The Blindside with seemingly effortless aplomb. And Ms. Bullock is definitely a trooper when it comes to promoting her films, but she doesn’t overdo it, preferring to retreat to a compound in Texas to spend time with her adopted son between jobs.

Bottom line is Sandra does her job and seems to have a good attitude about all of the Hollywood Sturm und Drang. She doesn’t seem to be overly swayed by box office behemoths or box office disasters. And if the gravitational pull of Gravity is any indication, she seems to be getting better with age!