Megan Fox and Michael Bay

Have you ever worked with a director you’d never work with again? Maybe you felt the director was difficult, arrogant, sexist, amoral, insane, gross–or even all of the above. You swore, “Never, never, no how will I ever work with him/her again.” Think again. Hollywood is rife with stories of people who’ve sued one another, who’ve ripped each other off, and who’ve run through the streets naked decrying the offending individual’s name (so to speak)–and then managed to work together harmoniously on the next project! Michael Bay just announced on his website that his one-time rival, Megan Fox, will be starring in his upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles remake. Some might recall Fox once compared Bay to Hitler during their legendary Transformers 3 feud. Bay explained his decision to work with Fox again this way: “When you’re days and months on a set, it’s like a family. You say rude things and you make up.”

The famously mercurial director, David O. Russell, is no stranger to on-set tension. He and George Clooney–an actor many feel is the nicest guy in the industry–literally came to blows on the set of the desert heist film, Three Kings. On Russell’s next movie, the enigmatic ensemble comedy, I Heart Huckabees, Russell went off on Lily Tomlin in a rant so vile it’s a wonder he wasn’t imprisoned for domestic terrorism or verbal and emotional violence against women. But three years after the movie premiered, Tomlin was asked if she would dare to work with Russell again, “Of course I would! I adore him, I love him. He’s brilliant.”

Warner Herzog and Klaus Kinski, by all accounts, fought constantly on all their films. In his autobiography, Kinski claimed Herzog threatened him with a loaded pistol and called Herzog a “nasty, sadistic, treacherous, cowardly creep.” This level of lunacy didn’t stop the two from working together on many films, a number of which are considered classic in some circles.

Back to your career, devoted actors. If you were given the opportunity to work with a talented, promising yet corrupt and impossible director again–one whom you butted heads with continually–would you take it? Or would you refuse because the director crossed a boundary you just don’t cross? Please share your stories of difficult directors or problematic working relationships, and state whether you’d agree to work together again.