Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I log into my profile if I forgot my username or password?

A:Go to the Home page, click the “Forgot My Password” link and follow the directions. If you continue to have problems, please contact us at

Q: How do I attach a photo to my profile?

A: In order to attach a photo, the file must be in JPEG format. If your photo is in another format (such as a GIF, TIF or PNG) please convert it to a JPEG before attaching. You can use a free program such as Graphic Converter, or you may email the photo to and we will be glad to convert and attach it free of charge.If you do not have your headshot in the form of a digital file, you can mail an 8 x 10 headshot photograph to the address below and we will post it to your profile free of charge.The Casting Frontier
6565 Sunset Blvd Suite 200,
Los Angeles, CA 90028.

Q: I received an email about Casting Frontier not being able to process a payment. What do I do?

A: Currently, billing updates are handled by phone. If you have received an email please call us at (323) 300-6129.

Q: I haven’t used my profile in a while. Has it “expired”?
A: Your profile is kept in the database until you request it to be deleted. If you need help logging in email your name and details to