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Mar 12, 2018

Naomi McDougall Jones: An Actress Who Writes and Produces Her Own Movie Roles

In this TEDx event, actress Naomi McDougall Jones describes her disenchantment with Hollywood after graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York at the age of 21. Instead of being called in for auditions for layered and… Read More

Feb 26, 2018

Jennifer Lawrence Dropped Out of Middle School to Pursue Acting

This weekend, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence described how she dropped out of school when she was a teenager to pursue an acting career. She sat down for an interview with 60 Minutes and shared her thought process as a middle… Read More

Feb 19, 2018

Actors’ Varying Degrees of Preparation

Once actors learn the craft of acting, there’s an endless array of ways to prepare for each of their roles. Some dedicate every hour and pour every possible resource into their prep. Kristen Stewart hired an equestrian and overcame her… Read More

Jan 18, 2018

Persistence Pays

You read about it all the time: the actor who tells stories about what it took them to become an “overnight success.” They talk about auditioning for years, playing summer stock, auditioning, studying, auditioning, working as a waiter, paralegal or… Read More

Dec 29, 2017

Jim Carrey Loses Himself on the Set of ‘Man on the Moon’

If you’re binge-watching Netflix all weekend long or over a holiday fortnight and you’re looking for content that’s described as “hilarious,” “very dark,” and “sobering,” then the documentary that follows Jim Carrey during the making of the 1999 film Man… Read More

Dec 25, 2017

Advice That Served Neil Patrick Harris Well

In the competitive world of acting, good advice can be good as gold. And fifteen-year-old Neil Patrick Harris was fortunate enough to receive such helpful advice early on in his career. Producer Steven Bochco took the time to inform the… Read More

Dec 16, 2017

Jonathan Groff and Karan Soni’s Last-minute Preparation Anxiety

The entertainment industry is riddled with last-minute scheduling, casting shuffles, and rewrites. This can present huge challenges to actors whose job it is to lay it all out on the line before audiences–ready or not! Take, for example, Jonathan Groff… Read More

Do You Love to Act as Much as Jack Nicholson Does?
Dec 11, 2017

Do You Love to Act as Much as Jack Nicholson Does?

Do you love to act? I mean, do you really love to act? Do you act regardless of remuneration? Regardless of what’s going on in your life? Regardless of the earth and sky falling upon your head? Are you consistently… Read More

Jennifer Lawrence and Adam Sandler
Dec 4, 2017

Jennifer Lawrence and Adam Sandler on Negative Reviews

Criticism, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary is, “The act of passing judgment as to the merits of anything.” Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Handleable. However, criticism can be a sticky wicket–so much so that both Jennifer Lawrence and Adam Sandler… Read More

Nov 27, 2017

Margot Robbie on the Struggle of Success

It may seem like stars and celebrities and the Hollywood elite have it all: personal trainers, chiropractors, nutritionists, drivers, yoga instructors, meditation guides, and more. Wow, it does seem like they have it all! But with all of that fame… Read More

Sep 18, 2017

How Joe Pesci Fought for His Iconic Role in ‘Goodfellas’

“I’m funny how? I mean, funny, like I’m a clown?” –Tommy DeVito Am I really doing enough to advance my career? To succeed? Do I have the grit and determination and ingenuity to actualize my dreams? Am I working hard… Read More

Aug 7, 2017

Steven Pressfield: Amateur vs Professional

Steven Pressfield’s book Turning Pro directs those of us who are stuck in amateur habits to consciously adopt a professional work ethic. Turning pro, he argues, is imperative to overcoming “Resistance with a capital ‘r.’” Resistance is the term he uses to… Read More

Jul 31, 2017

Steven Pressfield on ‘Resistance’

Are you deeply passionate about acting, but often find yourself being pulled away from tackling the items on your actor to-do list? Have you formulated lots of great ideas that will help progress your career, but it seems like there’s… Read More

Web Series Set
Jul 1, 2017

Web Video Is The New Headshot: 4 Tips To Get More Callbacks

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then think of this: A video is 30 pictures per second. Do the math and it’ll make your brain hurt! Videos provide a 74% increase in your viewer’s understanding of your product,… Read More

Jun 21, 2017

Audition Tips from a Commercial Director

  Commercial directors are film directors who specialize in the creation of commercials. And they are among the professionals who are seated in the callback room ready to assess who’s best fit for a particular role. The commercial director’s opinion… Read More